You deserve to have the best day possible on your wedding day. Every elopement is perfectly unique, and that's why you're here. You're here to break the mold. So while you are looking at packages, know that your experience is completely unique. You will get a custom elopement guide as well as a hand crafted location guide, and local vendor recommendations so that you get to enjoy getting married without all the stress. 

So you've decided to elope

Elopement Packages

Looking for someone who is almost as excited as you are about your wedding. Who will be there every step of the way to help you create a memorable and one-of-a kind experience

Completely and totally in love with your partner and ready to make a life0long commitment to them in an intimate, and romantic setting!

Cool as fuck. In all actuality, if you're laid back, here for a good time, probably a bit introverted, tired of the wedding industry, rebellious at heart, and ready to start the greatest adventure of marriage in an important and impactful way

We're a good fit if you are...

Your big day finally arrives! We get to spend an amazing time creating your perfect day. And Ill be there the entire time to take killer photos of everything, documenting your memories forever. 

your forever after

We start planning! Every couple that books with me gets an extensive 100 page elopement guide with tons of tips and tricks. I will also send you a custom location guide and will be there every step of the way for all your elopement questions.

Let the planning begin

We will set up a time to chat on the phone! We will get to know each other and I will ask more about you! Ill get a general feel for the two of you and your elopement day and then the planning can begin! 

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How It Works

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Texas is a surprisingly diverse place with anything from oceans to mountains to canyons to lakes. I cant wait to share all my secret locations with you to plan a day that's perfectly yours. 

Texas Intimate Weddings + Elopement Packages

Whats included

Packages starting at


6 hours of photo coverage by Brit Nicole Photography

50 edited images per hour of shooting

printing rights and a digital gallery to view, download + Print

Customized Location Scouting and research. 

Optional complimentary officiant services anywhere in texas

Permit assistance, vendor recommendations, custom elopement timeline and unlimited consultation calls.

All photographer travel fees included to anywhere in TExas

Get in touch for full
pricing and package options

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a 90+ page How to elope guide with tons of tips, tricks and recommendations to help you plan your perfect elopement! 

Eloping doesn't automatically mean hiking. There are lots of beautiful places accessible by car, helicopter, or short walk. If you are wanting to hike then great! If not, there are tons of other options that are just as amazing. You could event rent a beautiful Airbnb and get married on the back porch. As long as its 100% authentic to the two of you then its perfect.

Do I have to hike for my elopement? 

While its ultimately up to you both I will 100% percent help you figure out where you want to get married. Youll answer a few questions on my questionairre and we will talk on the phone. Then I will research the perfect spot for you two to say your vows and send you over a custom location list. We will talk through all the possibilities and you'll pick a the perfect place for the two of you.

How do we choose where to get married?

The beauty of eloping is that you get to decide! If you and your partner closed your eyes and imaged your perfect day what would it look like? When you woke up where would you be? What would you do first? What would eat? What would you do all day? What would make you feel the happiest? The most beautiful? The safest? When you decide to create your wedding your way the possibilities are endless. 

What does an all day elopement look like?

NO! 1000% no. Eloping means that you want to be more intentional with the friends and family you do invite and while I don't typically photograph weddings over 25 people. Families are absolutely invited to share in your greatest adventure yet. 

Does Eloping mean my family cant be there?


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