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Not in love with the idea of a big wedding?

Then let me be the first to tell you, you can do anything you want on your wedding day.

Yes. Anything.

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What is an Elopement

Traditionally eloping has meant running away and getting married in secret. And if that's what you're doing - more power to you. But eloping means SO much more. 

to ELope means that you are intentionally choosing to follow your heart and create a meaningful wedding experience that reflects you as a couple.

Spend quality time with your partner in an intimate and meaningful way

Focus your time and energy on meaningful details and lose the pressure of throwing the perfect wedding

Spend more time with your favorite friends and family members 

Have a wedding day that you look back on and actually think - that was the best day of our lives

Eloping Lets You

Best places to elope in Texas

Best Places to Elope Near DFW

How to Plan Your Elopement

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So you want to elope but dont know where to start?

Ellie is so AWESOME!!! She’s very thorough with planning our elopement. We really appreciate her giving us timeline and suggestions to make our wedding more special and on the day of our wedding, she brought us cupcakes! 😊 She’s very professional and very responsive to all our inquiries. She’s so easy to work with and she’ll definitely make everything easy. If you’re awkward in posing in front of the camera, like us, don’t you worry, Ellie got you! We are very pleased with her! We’ll definitely book her again for future photo sessions. Thanks so much, Ellie!!!

She's very thorough with planning our elopement.

What other badass couples are saying

You will NOT regret using Ellie for your Photos she is worth every single penny! She creates the most beautiful memories to cherish forever, making the photo process a blast! She makes you feel loved and beautiful every step of the way! My husband and I are not "photo people", but she makes being in front of the camera fun! Never a dull moment and endless laughs! I will forever treasure the memories and the new friendship!

She makes you feel loved and beautiful

What other badass couples are saying

Ellie is incredible and so sweet! She gave us a one of a kind experience at our sunrise elopement. It was so fun and memorable. Thank you for everything! 

One of a kind experience.

What other badass couples are saying